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Jalcomulco’s population is located by the La Antigua river-Pescados section, 30 Kms from Xalapa, and 22 Kms from Coatepec, towards Huatusco and Cordoba.
The road towards Jalcomulco rapidly rises from 300 mts above sea level to 1500 asc. It’s variety of topography has made of thin place the ideal place for climbing and “Rappel”, cause its numerous walls such as the Tuzamapan and Chicabaxtla mountains, and the Pizaltepec. Hills are located wins of an archeological area know as Cotlamani.
Along it’s territory are numerous rapids of different levels to practice Rafting.
The temperature are normally between 21oC – 35oC.


Jalcomulco is an old town, from the prehispanic era by the Huitzilapan river that in Castilian means the hummingbird river, today Pescados river.
The entry of Castillian  language of the Nahuatl word, Jalcomulco means:
Xal=Sand, Comul=pot or well, Co=Place. Place of the sandie well or sandie hills.
Around 900 a. C. the Totonaca empire were populating the region and became apart between the Huitzilapan and Papaloapan river. Separately the Historical Olmecs that occupied Cholula and Tlaxcala left to wands Veracruz and founded the Pin one nation  introducing what we know as old nahuatl. During the XIX century, Jalcomulco remained as an island in the midst of an ocean, surrounded by the Tuzaman Hacienda with an extension  of 400.000 acres, having north limits whit the Hordu˝a Hacienda. Eats  with Teocelo, west in the Lencero Hacienda and south with the grounds limits of Maria Tlaltela and Huatusco.


By June-July the population of Jalcomulco cultivate corn, beans and avocados. If rain stopped and they cultivated with dry land, a group of shamans from the local area, were going to a place know as Bella Amatlitan where a ritual was performed. The ceremony was by scarifians a white hen by a spring and ask for water for the cultivation. It’s been told that the lack of believe and practice of this rituals, have originated dry lands within the region.



The flats the Antigua River are formed by numerous canyons, where the vegetation is variable close and exotic vegetation. This complex system of canyons deliver the water that come from the Cofre the Peorte Mount and the Citlaltepetl. During the prehispanic era, the military expansion from Mexico, interrupted in the modern Veracruz, by which the Totonaca population and a higher percent left to look for a place of difficult access such as the flats generated by the canyons.
Establishing cities and the La Antigua and Atoyac rivers some of them know as Cotlamany. La Palmilla, Cuahutocho, fortified cities naturally as web as artificially.


Jalcomulco’s gastronomy is web know by it’s crawfish, giant, shrimps know is Mexico as Langostino, which is prepare on green salsa or spice with chipotle chile. Other dishes well recommend are the cruzetas (cross catus) prepared as spicy soup with swimming eggs. Also the tzote tamales are characterized of this region.
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